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Lost Cats

Help! We are lost and our owners are very worried! Please see if you recognise us...

Found Cats
We've been found... but not by our owners. Please check in case we belong to you.
Adoptable Cats
We are safe for now, but need a permanent home.. please can you provide one?
Current Category: Main > Lost Cats
Photo Title Description Pet's Name Date Last Seen Main Coat Colours Approx. Age area
Kiki - Turkish Van Missing from North London Kiki is a Turkish... Kiki 10th Feb 2018 White Adult London
Kitten Black & White Leo is only 24... Leo 20.02.18 Other Kitten North Yorkshire
Billy - white & black cat (only had 3 days) Newly adopted cat... Billy 19/02/18 White Adult Berkshire
Missing Treacle is small... Treacle 23/1/2018 Other Young Adult Yorkshire
Missing Persian She went out at 3am... Winter 08/02/2018 White Young Adult Somerset
MISSING Grey shorthair Southampton Our beautiful,... Milo 12-2-18 Grey Young Adult Hampshire
Missing black and white cat, Wheatcroft Road L18 Missing black and white cat, Wheatcroft Road L18 Mainly black cat... Walter 7/2/18 Tabby Young Adult Merseyside
Missing Tabby Tigger is a tabby... Tigger 16/12/2017 Tabby Adult Somerset
Tabby missing in Brighton Posting on behalf... Pepper 22/01/18 Tabby Adult Sussex
Mia - All Black Cat Mia is completely... Mia 27 Jan 2018 Black Young Adult Bedfordshire
Lost Black Kitten Weston-super-Mare Trying everything... Kasper 05/02/2018 Black Kitten Somerset
Missing cat Brymbo Wrexham Friendly... Mitsy 2/2.18 Other Adult Denbighshire
cat missong cat missong Our lovely Cookie... Cookie 01. 02. 18 Tabby Young Adult Surrey
Missing VIP Cat Pluto, male... Pluto 27/04/2017 Tabby Adult Kent
Small black cat missing SE9 Completely black... Oscar 8am 31/1/18 Black Adult Greater London
Lost Cat Zeus Tiptree Zeus is a sleek... Zeus 04.12.17 Black Young Adult Essex
Small black cat lost in N4 2LE Finsbury park He is normally an... Samson 30/1/2018 Black Adult London
Missing cat Petersfield Missing the tip of... Auden 26/01/2018 Black + White Young Adult Hampshire
Lost black male cat, Olney area Big, black,... Stanley 27/1/18 Black Adult Buckinghamshire
Lost 4 month old red abyssinian male kitten Tibet is a 4 month... Tibet 16/1/18 Ginger Kitten Essex
Lost black cat called thunder Thunder went... Thunder 13.1.18 Black Adult Buckinghamshire
Missing Cat Full Ginger... baby Tom 31/12/2017 Ginger Young Adult Glamorgan
Lost 3 y-o chocolate Burmese Lovely... Humphrey 06/01/2018 Brown Adult Dorset
Lost Black Cat Mia has a routine,... Mia 25/11/2017 Black Adult Middlesex
  MISSING CAT FROM NORTH END PORTSMOUTH A large... Albert 23/12/2017 White Mature Hampshire
Lost cat White sprinkles on... Tinka 20/12/2017 Black Young Adult Denbighshire
Missing in Ilkeston, Derbyshire Went missing during... Lady 23/02/2017 Black + White Adult Derbyshire
Lost Cat Smallish cat;... Sibby 17/12/17 Black + White Young Adult London
Beautiful lost cat 15yrs old Tinks is a very... Tinks (Tinkerbelle 24th November 17 Mixed Colours Mature Essex
timmy Timmy has a ginger... timmy 22/11/2017 Ginger Adult Glamorgan
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